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Blog Meet Ian - Our Senior UX/UI Designer

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Meet Ian - Our Senior UX/UI Designer

Who & What?

My name’s Ian Jones and I'm a UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) designer. My job is about understanding how people use digital products and services (like websites and apps) to better inform design and ultimately a better user experience.

To do this I investigate customers’ online motivations, needs and behaviours. Using these learnings, next I correlate it with research about business’ needs, the marketplace and competitors. I then balance these needs and use technology and design to create the best possible user experience for all parties.

Favourite thing about your job?

It has impact. It's a really diverse role and I'm involved in every aspect of decision making. I'm also constantly learning new things.

Favourite Khemistry memory?

Christmas 2016 - 80's Rock Star party. The creative costumes and colourful characters of the Khemistry team are hard to beat.

Anything cool we should know about you?

I love making things, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. But what's unusual is that I create non-digital things to 'escape the virtual' and get hands on. A lot of what I design professionally is ephemeral, unlike an architect or sculptor whose work may last decades, hundreds or even thousands of years.

Recently I've been experimenting with paper craft. I've made lamp shades and decorative objects. You can push the material much more than you'd think, did you know paper can be used to make furniture and even structural architecture? Woodworking is next on my list. I'm addicted to trying and learning new things.

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