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The Bridging Pathways Project was created for prospective students from disadvantaged backgrounds who require information and advice on the most appropriate tertiary pathway for their circumstances.


To create an informational website to engage and inform the target audience. We also were tasked with developing a name, logo and brand for the new website plus a comprehensive promotional campaign.


You to Uni - a down to earth brand, complemented by an easy to navigate and factual website resource that increased connections between potential adult learners and relevant educational organisations.

Name generation & branding

We created a cohesive brand identity (including a name) that seamlessly united the ten tertiary study partners.

Website design and user experience

Khemistry’s User Experience designer created wireframes and a responsive website design suitable for a wide range of devices and screen resolutions. Khemistry’s in-house team of senior Drupal programmers and front-end developers produced an accessible and functional final product.

Video vignettes and animation

Our production team produced a two minute animation to visualise the adult learning journey. They also produced three video vignettes of adult learners who have benefitted from the Bridging Pathways program, as well as a short animation that explained the costs of further education.

Ross' Story

Kisa's Story

Christine's Story

Cost's Animation


Khemistry partnered with Admatic to produce a targeted online advertising campaign. We designed and developed a suite of HTML5 banners and produced copy plus visual design for a targeted Facebook campaign.

We also put in place YouTube pre-roll advertising of the animation, plus a shortened 15 second preview of one of the video vignettes.


Website analytics metrics since launch:

  • 7,800+ Sessions
  • 13,500+ Page views

Content metrics:

  • Costs animation - 4,731 YouTube views
  • Kisa’s story 15 second version: 92,549 YouTube views
  • All content combined: 98,000+ YouTube views



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