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Digital Strategy

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Digital Strategy


Digital strategy combines an integrated set of choices, with the aim to help achieve business objectives, guide thinking, process and planning.

Khemistry uses informed strategies to create personalised, authentic experiences to increase customer engagement.

We take a long hard look at your business, audience, competitors and marketplace to deliver a clearly defined roadmap that looks at your channels and content to drive consumer engagement, participation and conversion.

Business analysis

Before we do anything Khemistry will look at establishing a substantial knowledge base
 on your business, products and / or services. We will conduct a series of workshops with key stakeholders to review business objectives and challenges. The insights will dictate our strategic recommendations and establishing key performance indicators.

Target audience analysis

Establishing and understanding the different groups of people your business needs to engage with is vital to the success of any business strategy. We conduct research and use tools such as Roy Morgan’s Helix Persona’s {} to develop a set of user personas to guide our thinking and inform our solutions.

Competitor analysis

Reviewing the competition is a valuable exercise as it provides insight into how your rivals are engaging your target audience. There will be lessons to learn and you will be able to establish a benchmark when setting key performance indicators. We utilise sentiment analysis tools to get an understanding of audience perception in addition to assessing the entire online ecosystem of selected competitors.

Marketplace analysis

Reviewing the local and national marketplace for best practice 
examples is a great place to start formulating solutions. We will find best-in-breed examples to analyse their approach to audience engagement and conversion rate optimisation. Reviewing how others have successfully achieved improvement to their customer journey will provide valuable insights when looking at how you can enhance your own.

Channel strategy

Content creation is vital. But how that content is distributed to your target audience is how you develop effectiveness.

The following steps provide an overview of our approach to developing a channel strategy:

  • Khemistry will review established channels to assess effectiveness for the distribution of a particular piece of content or content stream.
  • We will identify the goals for each channel, i.e. we are going to use our Facebook profile to drive traffic to our website. Engagement level goals will be outlined for each of your channels. These metrics will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of published content.
  • We will detail and analyse the behaviours of certain user personas for each channel.
  • Khemistry will produce an editorial calendar that defines frequency, tone of voice, desired action and structure for the content for each channel.

Content strategy

An informed and optimised content strategy is fundamental to delivering engaging content and keeping the conversation positive. The aims are to maintain interest, add value to your audience and develop brand loyalty.

Using target audience insights we will develop a messaging house that identifies the key content streams, with ideas on content creation, content types and implementation tactics.

We will utilise all forms of content in order to match the target audience’s preferred methods of content consumption. The strategy will include recommendations for video, imagery and copy with guidelines on tone of voice - including how best to combine these content types.

Our goal is for each piece of content to include an emotional, rational and credible appeal, in order to fully engage the audience.

Campaign development

Having gained an understanding of your business and audience through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy we recommend putting the recommendations into practice via an integrated campaign.

The kick off campaign is a great opportunity to put into practice the principles of your digital strategy and provides data to carry out performance analysis.

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