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Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation


Marketing automation adds some serious firepower to your marketing efforts. Khemistry are agency partners with industry leading marketing automation platform Marketo.

The key benefits of marketing automation are:

  • automatic segmentation of your customers based on demographics and behaviours
  • engage with customers throughout their journey with personalised and automated emails
  • create a single, holistic view of your customers
  • measure, track, and optimise email campaign effectiveness

Khemistry have been trained to develop and implement content marketing strategies that are enhanced through the use of the Marketo platform. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this exciting platform and how it can help meet your marketing objectives.

Email Marketing

Intelligent segmentation of your customer database enables targeted communication for your audience, gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ email marketing. Providing personalised and relevant information that is aligned to the stages of your customer journey increases the effectiveness of your content. A great aspect of the Marketo platform is the ability to optimise and reporting tools. You can A / B test your content to get a clear picture of what worked and where you can improve performance.

You can quickly and easily create a responsive landing page to host your content. Including a ‘smart form’ allows you to gather information over time as opposed to a one off form with multiple fields that asking your customer for too much information. Marketo also allows you to run A / B testing to analyse two versions of your content to see which has the better conversion rate.

Tailored emails are easy to implement and setting up a nurture campaign utilising automated triggers allows you to initiate engagement along each step of the customer journey. You can set up a lead scoring system based on the tracked actions of your customers in order to establish engagement levels and track what stage they’re are on your customer journey.

Customer segmentation helps to compile intelligence on what content to distribute and where. One of the aspects of Marketo that we are big fans of is dynamic content. By connecting your customer database to your website, Marketo recognises individual visitors and dynamically adapts the content and call to actions based on their history on the site. The aim of dynamic content is to personalise the customer experience, increase engagement and improve conversion rates.

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