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Case Study QSO Our Story. Your Story

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QSO Our Story. Your Story

background 70th anniversary

2017 marked the 70-year anniversary for the QSO. As part of the celebrations, QSO wanted to create an engaging online experience that took people through the key moments in their history

challenges a showstopper

Orchestrating 70 years of history
into a website experience that
speaks volumes.

Thanks to State Library Queensland, there was an overwhelming quantity of well-preserved historical papers, photography and audio-visual content. The challenge was how to present this seven-decade story in a structured but beautiful and intuitive way.

objectives a celebration

Proud of their history, QSO wanted to create an experience as rich and rewarding as their live performances, and to leave a legacy for a global audience.

  • Celebrate 70 years of the QSO
  • Shine a light on QSO's conductors
  • Create a commemorative experience
  • Engage educate, entertain and excite

insight the right stage

The project was originally earmarked to be an e-book. However, given the variety of interactive media, Khemistry recognised that web presented a fantastic opportunity to surprise and delight.

Web was the perfect platform.


Widely accessible


User friendly


Ability to grow and evolve


Presents large amounts of content


Integrates with other channels (sharable)


A living history

solution a modern masterpiece

Our story, Your story.

A sensory rich, commemorative website that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

An audio-visual feast. The comprehensive site was an opportunity to spend hours - to get lost and immerse in the carefully curated content. Aided by an interactive timeline, users were free to explore QSO’s rich history and some of the finest classical recordings available online today.

our story. your story look. listen. learn

Slideshow imagery, interviews, guided narration
from QSO conductors and stirring QSO performances throughout,
made the site a living, breathing legacy.

qso history QLD history

The history of QSO is part of the history of Queensland

The comprehansive site offered something for everyone. Responsive for mobile, it was perfect for the commute to work experience - a chance to travel through time and music history

results crowd pleaser

A launch event with past and present QSO musicians and members, saw positive feedback from the 'go-live' date.

The site also exceeded expectations with:

5m 39s
5m 39s

Average user session


Awwward - Honourable mention


of visitors from tablet or mobile

Ultimately, this interactive legacy left our Queensland Symphony Orchestra client singing our praises

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