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Website Development


Khemistry has an experienced team of skilled web developers who are guided by our Technical Director. Technical direction is a constant consideration throughout digital projects and begins during the scoping phase to dictate functional solutions that support user experience design. A functional specification is delivered detailing functionality requirements and outlining testing scenarios for technical quality assurance.

We initiate constant collaboration between our developers, strategists and designers to ensure project teams are across key performance indicators and project objectives.

Khemistry have built up a comprehensive development checklist that we use to ensure we meet our high coding standards. Our tried and tested quality assurance process has evolved over time and is reviewed regularly to ensure we deliver best practice with every digital project.

Responsive Websites

Your website doesn’t just sit on a desk anymore. Now more than ever it is being consumed on the go via mobile devices. Responsive functionality is the concept of developing a website design that adapts the page layouts according to a user’s computer screen resolution, smartphone device or tablet screen. This approach ensures best practice user experience across all devices.

Content Management System

Khemistry is a Drupal development house at its core but we also produce websites using WordPress and Siteleaf depending on project requirements.

Drupal provides our design team the flexibility to create great user experiences. Another key reason we recommend Drupal is
 that it delivers an easy to use and intuitive content management system for website administration teams. We are active members of the Drupal community and the team have extensive experience using the platform to build online experiences of all sizes and complexity.

The Drupal platform is scalable for large traffic demands, it allows for complex user role requirements, it is secure, can easily integrate with other web applications and is here to stay due to its flexibility. It has a large, active community and is popular amongst end users.

eCommerce Websites

Khemistry are platform agnostic when it comes to eCommerce. We have experience with Magento, Drupal Commerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. Generally, our clients come to us with an existing eCommerce platform in place. If we are required to provide a recommendation we analyse the requirements and provide a platform comparison for discussion with our client.

In addition to the eCommerce platform we have worked with a number of payment gateways and shipping systems. Rest assured Khemistry has experienced all the complexities and challenges involved with eCommerce development.

Mobile retail traffic continues to increase and we envisage this trend continuing but another key statistic is that desktop still accounts for the majority of online shopping traffic. With this in mind Khemistry design tailored user experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile. In the case of desktop we recommend responsive upscaling. This approach maximises the available real estate to provide a superior experience for desktop users by using the extra space to provide larger images, additional product columns and easier access to relevant website actions like filtering, sorting, and “Add to Cart” buttons.

Khemistry's Earth & Steam is a clear representative and has also been mentioned in a couple of websites such as Whole Designs Studios and HTML Burger Blog.

Campaign Sites & Landing Pages

Khemistry deliver a large amount of campaign work and a key aspect of these is a campaign site or landing page that is heavily geared towards conversion. Through AdWords, social and display advertising these landing pages or campaign sites tend to be the first impression new customers receive of your business.

Optimisation is key to a successful landing page or campaign site and Khemistry use A / B testing to analyse headlines, content, call to actions and forms. Key ingredients for high conversion rates include content that matches the expectation and need of the visitor, delivery of a clear value proposition and a clear call to action making it incredibly easy for a visitor to convert.

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