Dear Mind — Talking to yourself turns into the first sign of wellness.

Life is busy, messy and sometimes overwhelming. Most of us don’t have time for our mental health, until it becomes a problem.

But while Australians are generally aware of the risks and impacts of mental illness, few of us think much about mental wellness. It’s a real thing. Investing in positive wellbeing can buffer us against risks to our mental health, creating enormous personal and social benefits.


Queensland Health

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To help reframe the mental health conversation and spur protective behaviours, we recruited the most trusted spokesperson in the field, the inner voice. Our Dear Mind creative platform spun engaging note-to-self narratives woven through with wellness prompts and strategies.

Activation partnerships with Brisbane Pride, Men's Sheds and Boomerang Bags supplemented mainstream channel planning. And we launched a relationship marketing programme with content and triggers for regular check-ups, wellbeing plans, and positive routines.

In November 2021, the campaign won the Australian Marketing Institute's Marketing Excellence national award for the best Public Sector marketing campaign.

Making things better

As the initiative gained traction, Queensland Health’s tracking data showed a dramatic improvement in key indicators.

70,000+Website visitors
+66%Looked for more information about mental wellbeing
+103%Spent more time thinking about their mental wellbeing
+55%Tried a new wellbeing activity
+72%Made small lifestyle changes to prioritise mental wellbeing

*Based on IPSOS Benchmark study - December 2019 and QH Cumulative Weekly tracking data (Jan ‘20 to May ‘20) of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Monitor

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