Everyone and Every Drop Counts — Helping save Queensland’s precious water one drop at a time

In late 2019, South East Queensland was heading into a serious drought.

But the real problem was a population that had become complacent about its water usage after years of abundance. To solve this, we needed to get people thinking about water in quantities that were easier to grasp.

So we stopped talking about megalitres, and started talking about drops. And encouraged our audience to take daily action with small achievable steps that reduced water consumption without compromising lifestyles.

Everyone and Every Drop Counts reframed a huge state-wide problem that Queenslanders felt powerless to address as a personal, manageable one. In essence, our message was look after the drops, and the dams look after themselves.

And the drops quickly added up, with 58% residents reporting that they took steps to reduce their household water use as a result of seeing the campaign, saving millions of litres in the process.



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