Podsquad — Healthy habits don’t come naturally to kids – they have to be learned. So we made it fun.

Since the invention of kids, parents have been trying to figure out how to get them to eat, sleep and move better.

To help solve this once and for all, Health and Wellbeing Queensland partnered with Khemistry to produce Podsquad – a free play-based health and wellbeing program for 5 – 9 year olds, that understands if you want kids to do anything, it has to be a game.

Created with top psychologists, paediatricians, dieticians, movement experts and kids, Podsquad wraps hard behavioural science in a squishy bubble of real-world fun.

To kids, it’s play. To parents, a tool. And to Australia, a practical way to help with an epidemic that often turns into a lifetime of poor health outcomes.

Free to download, it’s an open-world adventure that plays out differently for each kid, packed with games, dances, quizzes, quests, stories, sleepscapes and animations – all taking place in the wonderful world of Imago.


Health and Wellbeing Queensland

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The process

Our role was to create a new brand and product, deliver the creative and technical nous, and create as many opportunities as possible to learn from the true experts.

So we ran co-design workshops with human movement specialists, nutritionists, and sleep scientists, and combined this with focus groups and concept testing with kids and carers from all backgrounds, from the Torres Strait to inner-city Brisbane.

This crucial work informed our product design, learning design, user journeys, content strategy, and the production of all app content including animations, brain break videos, sleepscapes, podcasts and mini-games.

Podsquad character development

Collaborate. Ideate. Activate.


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