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Case Study The Good Beer Co.

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The Good Beer Co.

the hallowed ‘beer client’

In 2015, Khemistry achieved the ultimate agency dream - we won a beer client!

But this was no ordinary beer. It was The Good Beer Co…Australia’s first social enterprise beer. Their mission was simple – Good Beer that does good. Our mission – spread the Good word.

working on a case... working

Starting from scratch, it was our job to create and launch The Good Beer Co. brand and raise funds for the brewing of their first beer, Great Barrier Beer (GBB).

Thirsty work!

Brand the Brand: The Good Beer Co.
Brand the Product: Great Barrier Beer
Design and build a campaign microsite
Drive a crowdfunding campaign: $50K target to brew 1st batch of GBB
Throw a launch party of hoppy proportions
Drive nation-wide buzz for GBB: Via a national tactical PR campaign

1. the good beer co. branding

Like crafting a good beer, we experimented with many ingredients until we found our crisp bold look. Unlike any beer in Australia and with so much Good to give, the visual challenge was being single minded. We had to strike the right balance between tasting good and doing good.

Our designs were bold, clean and iconic. To this we added angelic qualities and an earthy tone. A hand drawn, illustrative element helped to pay homage to the craft of craft beer. Combined, the brand presented confidently yet friendly.

These were applied to print, online, social and the product themselves.

2. great barrier beer brand identity

With 50% of profits going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help them protect the Reef, Great Barrier Beer is perhaps Australia’s most powerful beer. A novel concept, we decided to take an equally original approach to our branding – partnering with street artist Fintan Magee to produce a fresh label look.

3. campaign site going online

Our online presence was made felt with a fully responsive website. Tasked with educating and entertaining visitors, the site carefully unpacked this new model approach to craft beer brewing.

This included an embedded, two-minute show reel all about how The Good Beer Co. came about. Linking to social media sites, the page was also the hub for a crowdfunding campaign, driven by Indiegogo.

4. crowdfunding campaign beer money

To raise funds for the brewing of the Great Barrier Beer, we spearheaded a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo.

A launchpad for creative and entrepreneurial ideas, we compiled a compelling case for supporters to back the beer that gives back.

5. PR campaign people talk

The launch instigated a flurry of media attention.

Complementing this, we ran a unique, targeted campaign that saw more than 50 positive stories on national radio, blogs and online news sites.

Even the Prime Minister downed a cold Great Barrier Beer on the campaign trail.

6. launch party just add beer

To officially launch the beer that gives back, we hosted an invite only party at hip indie venue The Triffid – owned by ex Powderfinger Bassist, John Collins.

A targeted eDM drew over 300 guests who were treated to taste testing, merchandise and activities such as voting on label designs.

7. the best hangover results

The launch and crowd funding campaigns were beer swilling successes.

We not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also helped protect one of Australia’s biggest icons. Plus, we helped turn the act of drinking beer into activism!

Campaign Website & Social Media

unique visitors to the campaign website


social sharing instances. 2,000+ on Facebook, 1,000+ on Twitter & 350+ on Instagram

Public Relations

worth of free media gained


positive stories on national radio, blogs & online news sites

Beer orders

bottles ordered by Tourism Queensland for USA & UK promotions


kegs bought during the Sustainable Living Festival


bottles sent to the Thank You group of Indiegogo supporters

Dollars raised
$50,000k +
$50,000k +

raised through Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and on Launch night