B in the know with the Brisbane App — An app that comes with the thrill of being first

Launched in September 2021, the Brisbane App was created to help residents uncover the city’s retail and hospitality ‘hidden gems’. However, before residents could discover anything at all, they had to discover the app first.

To get them to hit download, we realised the app offered more than new destination ideas. It promised the thrill of being first — and the social cachet that comes along with it.

From this insight came ‘B in the know’, a launch campaign that gave residents a sample-size taste of first-in thrills, knowing they’d be hungry for more. To do this, we showed off 20 of Brisbane’s best-kept-secret-locations in a journey of discovery — through the screen of a phone.

Leading the virtual tour were three well-known Bris-fluencers, drawn from the industries hardest hit by COVID-19. To lock down the campaign’s other stars (destinations with the right mix of underground cred and aspirational appeal), location scouting became an all-of-agency affair. Together, Khemists compiled an impressive master list of over 300 of their top Brissie spots.

The Brisbane App is available for download now on iOS and Android devices. (And if you’re still stuck for ideas, our master location list’s got you covered)



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