Don't Truck It Up! — Hitching road safety to science, not shock tactics.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is on a mission to make the roads safer for car and truck drivers.

Young drivers are overrepresented in crashes with heavy vehicles, and we needed to educate them on safer driving. Still learning how to drive on the road, they don’t yet understand the space trucks need and the forces at work. Desensitised to shock tactics, we had to break through to this notoriously difficult target market, and educate them on how to drive safely.

‘Don’t Truck It Up’ was born, a wilfully destructive content series hosted by popular influencer Luisa Dal Din. We created a range of films that brought the unexpected physics of trucks to life, through breaking the things young people value most – their stuff. All the while, ramming home important messages about driving around trucks.


National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

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“We challenged Khemistry to help us create content targeting Gen Z that was creative and out of the box. They captured exactly what we had imagined.” Michelle Tayler, Executive Director Corporate Affairs, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

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