For the love of Queensland — Using the power of love to address vaccine hesitancy.

In late 2021, Queensland Health was prepping for a COVID-19 vaccination blitz.

But, they had a problem. While the vaccine doses were ready to go, a fair wedge of Queenslanders weren’t. With no recent memories of long lockdowns or local COVID-19 deaths, locals needed extra motivation to get off the couch and into line.


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So, without fear in our corner, we turned to love instead.

‘For the Love of…’ reminds us about the things we missed most during the pandemic — travel, family, celebrations, love — and turns those losses into powerful reasons to get the jab.

We knew that no single reason would be universal enough to resonate with the whole state. So, we filmed 30 of them. Joyful airport reunions, community sporting matches, farms bustling with fruit pickers, tourists exploring regional centres, first cuddles with newborns and heaving wedding dancefloors – we captured them all.

Each scene provided a cost-effective micro-moment that could be stretched into more targeted channels and adapted for priority segments like First Nations audiences, regional communities and seniors.

At the start of the campaign, Queensland’s vaccine hesitancy was the highest in Australia at 20%. Just 12 weeks later, that figure had nearly halved to 11.8%. Confidence in vaccine efficacy increased by 12%. And Queensland’s vaccination rate soared, from 64.1% with at least one shot on the first day of the campaign to 87.4% on the last.

45%reduction in vaccine hesitancy
12%increase in confidence in vaccine efficacy

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