Just One and the Fun’s Undone — One fun campaign, for one very important message.

Showing millennials how one COVID slip-up can take their social lives away.

By late 2020, Queensland was headed towards being COVID-free but one thing–or rather one group–stood in the way. After the worst year of their lives, young Queenslanders had become complacent about their COVID safe behaviours, going out and partying with friends instead of listening to the advice of health officials.

Research revealed that 84% of this audience would comply with COVID safe behaviours to avoid going back into lockdown. So instead of telling young people what to do, we reminded them what they could lose – their social lives.

Driving home this loss aversion strategy, ‘Just one and the fun’s undone’ highlighted the fragility of our social freedom and how just one lapse in judgement could ruin the fun for everyone.


Queensland Health

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The campaign triggered a marked uptick in COVID safe attitudes and behaviours, with 84% of the target audience acknowledging the effect their actions can have on others, and 65% saying they would take the issue more seriously. Impressively, the campaign garnered over

2.6 million Social Media Impressions
900, 000Video Completions
94.33%Video Completion Rate
94, 000Website Visits

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