The Rolls — Unclogging the conversation about what goes down our drains.

No grown adult wants a detailed lecture on how to use the toilet.

But when the sewers of SEQ were clogged with fat-bergs of unflushable (and mostly unmentionable) items, this embarrassing conversation was in need of a hero. Or six.

Enter ‘The Rolls’, a lovably enthusiastic family of toilet rolls created to break down the ‘awkwardness barrier’ and educate Queenslanders on flushing ONLY the 3 Ps (pee, poo and paper) and binning the rest.

As the stars of their own brand-funded content series and Facebook community, the cardboard family made a splash, attracting eyeballs and influencing behaviour aross the region with their unique brand of toilet humour.


Queensland Urban Utilities

  • Behaviour Change Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing

The results rolled in

1.4 millionVideo Views
79,000Social media engagements
80% of sampled residentsReported changed toilet flushing behaviour

Collaborate. Ideate. Activate.


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